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ISA Wuhan School

Building a Home Away from Home: Modern Dorm Solutions for a Modern Generation








The Client

Ushering a new era in Central China’s education, ISA Wuhan School opened its doors in 2022. Catering to 4,000 K-12 and bilingual students, the school boasts a world-class curriculum designed to cultivate innovative thinkers and future leaders.

Beyond academics, ISA Wuhan fosters a holistic learning environment. Its sprawling green campus features modern classrooms, collaborative spaces, a Black Box Theatre, and even an indoor basketball court. This dynamic community inspires students to explore their passions, collaborate with peers, and develop well-rounded personalities.


We are honored to provide furniture for the student dormitories of ISA Wuhan School.

The Solution

Cramped dorm rooms often stifle community and individuality so crucial for thriving in an international school setting. Our project challenged this narrative with a functional and elegant solution – not just to design furniture, but to reimagine shared living for a global community.

The design strikes an elegant balance between modern minimalism and maximized space, prioritizing both functionality and comfort.

Farewell, Bulky Bunk

We banished the cold, impersonal feel of traditional metal bunks, replacing them with modern wooden designs that radiate warmth and style. The integrated staircase is a clever space-saving innovation. It offers easy access to the top bunk and doubles as a convenient storage unit. Students can effortlessly reach their beds without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Privacy Takes Center Stage

Privacy is vital in shared living spaces. We integrated blackout curtains into the bunk bed design, allowing students to create their private cozy nooks within the room. Students can enjoy their personalized spaces where they can study, relax, or connect with friends, fostering a sense of ownership, privacy, and comfort.

Storage Solutions that Play Their Part

Every student has their own storage unit. The amply-sized wardrobes, crafted with the same warm wood aesthetic, offer designated spaces for everything from clothes and textbooks to cherished personal belongings.

Minimalism Meets Warmth

Imagine a dorm room that feels like a home away from home. We embraced a minimalist design approach with clean lines and uncluttered spaces, creating a sense of calm and organization. The warm wood tone and the option for personal touches like curtains ensure a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

The Result

The results have been truly transformative. Efficient use of space and improved storage solutions have created a more comfortable and personalized living environment. This, in turn, has promoted a stronger sense of community and well-being within the dorms. Students feel more comfortable, organized, and empowered to personalize their spaces, resulting in a more positive overall experience.

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