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The Client

Founded in 2009, WAYS has been deeply involved in the automotive industry for 14 years. It provides KaaS products and solutions, leveraging industry-leading R&D, core algorithms, and proprietary data.

Collaborating with Meet&Co Office Furniture, WAYS embarked on a comprehensive office transformation, breathing new life into their new office and creating a vibrant, collaborative, workspace that promotes productivity and employee satisfaction.

The Solution

Collaboration Hub: Creating an Open, Flexible, and Inviting Experience

The new furniture solution in our client’s open-plan office prioritizes both flexibility and comfort. One of the key elements is the modular benching system, offering flexible configurations for 4 to 12 people. The system seamlessly adapts to the office layout, creating different-sized team spaces without sacrificing cohesion. Each white bench boasts a clean, modern design and a spacious work surface, promoting a bright, airy, and inviting atmosphere.

But flexibility wasn’t the only focus. Each employee enjoys the added convenience of a personal under-desk pedestal, keeping essentials clutter-free and ensuring a personal touch within the open-plan environment. Individual comfort is further addressed with the introduction of our ergonomic mesh office chairs. These stylish seats not only boast a sleek design but also prioritize posture and support, ensuring employee well-being throughout the day.

The combination of white benching and ergonomic chairs creates a clean, cohesive aesthetic that complements the modern vision while maximizing comfort.

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Executive Spaces: Leadership Presence and Collaborative Comfort

The executive suite received a furniture makeover designed to create both leadership presence and collaborative comfort. The centerpiece is a commanding L-shaped desk. Paired with this is an ergonomic chair, ensuring comfort and focus even during long hours.

Collaboration and communication are facilitated by our stylish WRK leisure chairs, inviting clients and team members for productive exchanges. Next to it is a modern black leather sofa set that creates a relaxed yet professional atmosphere, perfect for informal discussions, brainstorming sessions, or moments of reflection.

Ultimately, this space empowers leaders by providing a functional, comfortable, and modern environment that reflects the company’s image and inspires confidence.

Meeting Spaces: Flexible Tables Tailor-Made for Collaboration

The meeting spaces embrace dynamic flexibility with a diverse range of white conference tables. These tables, mirroring the aesthetic of the benching desks, seamlessly blend in while maximizing functionality:

  • Multiple shapes and sizes: Round, hollow-shaped, and rectangular tables cater to different team sizes and meeting styles.
  • Adaptable layouts: Easily reconfigure the space to suit any need, fostering a dynamic and versatile environment. Employees can break down silos and encourage collaboration by merging tables for larger gatherings, or separate them for focused meetings.
  • Multi-purpose havens: These tables aren’t just for meetings. Host interviews, client interactions, or even casual break-out sessions in these versatile spaces.

This solution fosters a collaborative and dynamic work environment by empowering teams to tailor their meeting space to their needs.

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Lounge Areas: Unwind, Connect, Thrive

Instead of fixed seating, vibrant, modular sofas now grace the space. These allow for easy reconfiguration to create different settings. The sofas boast beautiful, bold colors, injecting a touch of life and energy into the workspace.

Nestled among the open seating are sofa pods. These offer increased privacy and quietude for focused work, phone calls, or simply taking a moment to de-stress. Employees can enjoy a personal retreat within the open environment.

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