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The Client

Established in 2003, Sunlands Technology Group is a leading player in China’s online post-secondary and professional education market. As a pioneer in China’s online education landscape, Sunlands boasts a large and experienced team, strong brand recognition, and a wide range of offerings.

We’re delighted to offer furniture solutions for one of their new offices.

The Solution

Creating a Collabtive Hub within an Open Plan Office

The furniture for the open plan is designed to maximize space and create a productive environment for employees.

Sleek, white office desks take center stage. These space-saving desks can accommodate more employees within the existing footprint, offering ample workspace without feeling bulky. Their clean white finish brightened the atmosphere, contributing to a modern feel.

The desk panels create individual zones around each desk, enhancing privacy and fostering focus. However, their low profile enabled easy communication when needed.

Unified by ergonomic black mesh chairs, the desk system delivers a functionally efficient workspace. The sleek design and color palette reinforce the company’s professional image.

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Meeting Areas Designed for Connection

Beyond workstations, we offered modern, adaptable conference tables for the meeting spaces. These tables provide ample space for collaboration, fostering communication and idea exchange.

Completing the picture are sleek, stationary conference chairs. Their beautiful green color adds a touch of energy to the workspace.

The result is inviting and functional spaces that support diverse collaboration styles.

Enjoying Break Times in Comfortable Lounge Areas

In the lounge areas, stylish, modern sofas in cheerful colors invite employees to relax and recharge, while round tables and sleek white guest chairs offer the perfect spot for impromptu brainstorms or friendly catch-ups.

This solution fosters a collaborative and dynamic work environment by empowering teams to tailor their meeting space to their needs.

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