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Gemstone Glow-Up: A Workplace Makeover that Boosts Productivity & Brand Identity






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This project transcended mere furniture delivery; it was a collaborative journey to transform the client’s entire workspace. By blending functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, we crafted a space that not only reflects their brand identity but empowers their team to thrive.

Creating an Open-Plan Workspace that Inspires & Performs

The office workstations are from our Reco collection, a suite of furniture designed to seamlessly blend natural aesthetics, intuitive functionality, and future-proof adaptability.

Crafted from natural wood, the Reco workstations offer a sophisticated yet welcoming feel, echoing the brand’s image. Pops of vibrant green on the desk panels and feet, reminiscent of their gemstones, inject a burst of energy and personality.

With integrated drawers, staff can keep the workspace organized and clutter-free. Ergonomic mesh chairs provide optimal back support and breathability, ensuring employee comfort and boosting productivity throughout the day.

The modular design of the Reco collection maximizes space utilization and effortlessly adapts to accommodate a growing workforce. This future-proof solution ensures the workspace can evolve alongside the company’s needs.

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Unlocking Collaboration with Adaptable Meeting Spaces

The meeting space solution is designed to foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of community, all while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

The conference tables, crafted from the same warm wood of the Reco collection, create a sense of visual coherence and invite connection, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for any meeting or gathering. Each space comes alive with a curated selection of colorful chairs, injecting personality and energy.

The versatility allows for team gatherings, client presentations, informal discussions, and even celebratory events.

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Executive Suite: A Fusion of Eastern Elegance and Modern Luxury

Stepping into the renovated executive suite is like entering a realm where refined luxury and timeless elegance seamlessly intertwine.

A spacious, high-end wood executive desk served as the centerpiece, its natural beauty echoing the lines of traditional Chinese design while embracing modern functionality.

A sun-drenched corner offered a welcome respite. Here, an elegant wood desk and chairs created an intimate haven for quiet reflection or confidential meetings. The warm tones and intricate design evoked the serenity of a traditional tea ceremony, inviting moments of calm amidst the demands of leadership.

The executive suite now embodied the client’s commitment to excellence, cultural heritage, and creating a space that inspires confidence and fosters meaningful interactions.

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