Office Furniture Project

120 Degree Cluster Workstation

Flexible furniture fosters teamwork and communication








The furniture solution empowers our client to cultivate a collaborative, comfortable, and inspiring open-plan office environment.


Breaking Down Barriers

Gone are the days of isolated cubicles. We implemented 120° Cluster Workstations, a custom modular system fostering teamwork and communication. These innovative desks, forming flexible collaborative zones, remove physical barriers and promote interaction. The sleek combination of wood tabletops, deep gray accents, and small blue panels seamlessly complements the overall office aesthetic.

Paired with the workstations are ergonomic mesh chairs featuring lemon-yellow backs for a touch of vibrancy. This desking system has transformed an open-plan office into a collaborative, comfortable, and visually stimulating workspace for employees to thrive.

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A Multifunctional Hub for Collaboration and Relaxation

The space is further enriched by the inclusion of Height Tables, featuring two levels with wood tops and steel frames. The dual levels cater to both collaborative work and casual interactions, while bar chairs and modern leisure chairs provide comfortable seating options.

To complete the inviting atmosphere, we incorporated ottomans and office sofa pods. These elements offer comfortable spaces for relaxation and interactions, contributing to a functional, comfortable, and inspiring open-plan office environment

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Executive Suite Blends Comfort & Professionalism

The executive suite received a makeover with a commanding L-shaped desk, a matching wood storage cabinet, and an ergonomic executive chair. This solution prioritized both functionality and aesthetics, creating a professional space that empowers leadership and ensures comfort.

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