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A case study of overcoming transportation challenges and

creating a professional and aesthetically pleasing office for our client in Tajikistan








The Client

Our client needed a range of office furniture, including modular workstations, comfortable chairs, spacious executive desks, leather office sofas, and efficient storage cabinets. They choose Meet&Co to help them create their dream office. 

The Challenge

The biggest challenge is transportation. 

Tajikistan’s transportation system is a fascinating blend of challenges and opportunities. Nestled in the mountainous heart of Central Asia, its landlocked location presents certain obstacles. 

Conquering the Mountains

From Guangzhou to Xinjiang to Tajikistan

Challenging Journey

The driving distance from Xinjiang, China to Tajikistan is over 1,500 kilometers, passes through mountainous areas, and may require multiple border crossings.

Mountainous Terrain

Winding mountain roads, particularly in the Pamir range, pose significant obstacles and threaten the integrity of the furniture. Unpredictable weather conditions further heightened the risk of delays and damage.

Furniture Protection

Due to the challenging distance and terrain, this batch of furniture requires special packing and handling to prevent damage during the long journey.

The Solution

A Comprehensive Office Furniture Solution that Fits the Space and Needs

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive office furniture solution with an unifying aesthetic. All furniture pieces, except chairs and sofas, feature a sturdy wood construction and a stunning walnut wood texture. This consistent design element creates a harmonious and professional presence in the office, reflecting a sense of composure and professionalism. 


Safe Travels, Delivered Satisfaction: Ensuring Smooth Furniture Journeys

The furniture was ready to go, the next goal was to deliver it to its destination without any damage. 

Strategic Packing

Implemented a multi-layered packaging system. All the products were packed with robust pallets and wrapped in shock-absorbing material. 

Real-time Tracking and Communication

Maintain ongoing communication and follow-up on progress, potential delays, and estimated arrival times, ensuring transparency and minimize concerns.

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The Result

With trust and care, every furniture piece arrived at its destination on schedule and in flawless condition. This ensured a seamless installation, transforming the office into a professional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Meet&Co Office Furnitrue Solution


  1. A cohesive furniture aesthetic goes beyond superficial appeal. It creates a unified work environment and helps strengthen the brand image.

  2. Meticulous planning and collaboration are vital for successful long-distance furniture delivery.

  3. Expert packaging and real-time tracking provide peace of mind and ensure furniture integrity.

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