Loft Bed With Desk

The loft bed with desk is ideal for small rooms where kids need a study area. It’s also a good choice for college grads living back at home for a while.

It has a Scandi look with rounded corners and slim metal handles. It can fit a twin or full mattress and includes shelves, drawers and a built-in desk.

bunk bed with desk
bunk bed with desk


A loft bed with desk takes two essential pieces of furniture, a mattress for sleeping and a study area, and combines them into one piece of furniture that opens up floor space in smaller bedrooms or studio apartments. They offer more storage than you can get out of a regular dresser, and often come with built-in shelves, cabinets, or drawers. These are ideal for storing clothes, toys, books, decorations, and other items that you would normally keep in a bedroom.

Some loft beds have a full length wood desk surface that runs the entire length of the loft bed. The desk is specifically designed to fit under a high loft bed, and it provides plenty of room for kids to do their homework. The desk also has plenty of shelf space for displaying a kid’s special possessions or study supplies.

You can find loft beds with a full size desk in a variety of different styles and sizes. Some have a modern, Scandi-inspired look with rounded corners, a wooden ladder, slim metal handles, and a full size wood desk surface. This style of loft bed is ideal for tweens and teens who like a minimalist look in their rooms.

You can also find loft beds with a full-sized desk that are made out of sturdy, solid wood materials and have a classic, traditional look. These loft beds are great for young adults who want to have a dedicated study area in their homes. These loft beds have a spacious wood desk that is perfect for working or doing homework. They also have a stylish ladder and ample storage shelving. The desk can be used as a workspace, or you can add a chair to turn it into an instant home office.


A loft bed with desk offers convenience for kids and teens as they do homework, study, or work on projects. This type of loft bed typically includes a twin or full-sized mattress on a frame set high above the ground with space underneath for a desk. The desk can be an integral part of the loft bed or it may be a separate piece. Most loft beds with desks have a ladder for climbing into and out of the bed.

When kids and teens are working on a project, they need a quiet environment to focus and avoid distractions from siblings, pets, or parents. A loft desk allows them to sit in a tucked away corner of the room, allowing them to focus and get their work done without interruptions. A loft desk can also be a great solution for small rooms, as it can save space in a room that would otherwise be taken up by a traditional bunk or full-sized bed.

If your children or teens need more space in their room, this full loft bed with a built-in desk from Elite Classics is a great option. This loft bed has a bed on the top and a desk on the bottom, and it comes with a slat kit to eliminate the need for a box spring, a built-in ladder, and guardrails to ensure safety. This loft bed is a good choice for both boys and girls as it features a masculine design that fits into many bedroom decor styles.

For a sleek and modern look, this metal loft bed from DHP Miles is a great option. This loft features a full bed on the bottom and a built-in desk with a spacious tabletop that can accommodate two students or adults. The desk has plenty of storage with two removable drawers and additional open shelves for storage. This loft is a perfect fit for any teen’s bedroom.


A loft bed with desk provides a multifunctional space for a comfortable sleeping area and a work station or bookshelf underneath. The design may also incorporate a ladder for climbing to the top bunk and full-length guardrails to ensure safety for users. These beds are suitable for adults and children. They can be paired with storage shelves or cabinets to further maximize storage space. A loft bed with a desk can be a good option for tight spaces like dorm rooms and spare bedrooms in apartments.

A good quality loft bed with a desk is made with sturdy materials to ensure stability and safety for the user. The frame should be anchored to the wall for added security and to prevent it from falling over. A swaying loft bed can cause injuries if the user falls or rolls off, so it’s important to check the stability of the structure before use.

The BIADNBZ full size metal loft bed with a desk and shelves is a great choice for a functional and stylish loft bed. It features a reversible ladder, a full-length guard rail, and 20 secured heavy-duty metal slats that eliminate the need for a box spring. This loft bed has a modern painted finish that can match any bedroom decor. It is easy to assemble and can be used with any mattress type.

This full-size loft bed is designed to accommodate a standard queen size mattress. It is made from high-quality steel and features a sturdy and stable platform with a built-in ladder for reaching the upper bed. It also comes with a large desk and two corner shelves to provide ample space for studying or storage. The loft bed is easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions. However, the bed can squeak and move during sleep, which can be irritating for some users.


The materials used to make a loft bed with desk will vary depending on the desired look and functional features. Wood is a popular choice for its versatility and durability. It can be stained or painted to match the rest of the room, or left natural for a classic, rustic feel. Other materials, such as steel and aluminum, may also be used for their strength and structural integrity. Structural piping can also be used as an accent to create a unique, industrial look.

This DIY loft bed has a fun, fireman-themed design that makes it perfect for kids who love firefighters. It features a unique ladder made from pipes that can be pulled out when it is time to go to sleep. This design also makes the bedroom more accessible by allowing you to use the floor space underneath. This bed is easy to build and requires only a few supplies. You will need Single Socket Tee fittings for the ladder rungs, and Flange fittings to keep them mounted to the floor and the ceiling. You will also need 90 Degree Elbow fittings for the pipe used to create the fireman’s pole.

A loft bed with a built-in wooden desk can add extra storage and work space to a room. It can also save floor space and give the room a modern, contemporary look. This bunk bed is made from premium wood and can be used for twin or full-sized mattresses. It can be assembled without the need for a box spring and includes a bookcase and a compact wooden desk.

This loft bed is the perfect solution for a shared bedroom. It has two symmetrical storage units that can be reached from either side of the bed, making it ideal for siblings or friends who share a room. The bed is easy to assemble and uses 2x4s that should be straight to ensure the structure is strong.


Loft beds are stylish furniture pieces that add a unique look to any room. They also allow you to use the space under them for a desk or other purposes, freeing up floor space. For example, you can set up a desk with a bookcase or cabinet underneath. This type of setup is ideal for small bedrooms where you want to save space but still need a dedicated area for studying and working. You can even opt for a tall loft bed with storage that features a spacious cabinet and open shelving for books, toys, and other items.

Another reason to opt for a loft bed with a desk is that it lets you create a multifunctional space that’s fun for kids and convenient for parents. For instance, this Fluellen twin loft bed with built-in desk from Viv + Rae is perfect for young girls and boasts a classic pink color scheme. It also comes with a full dresser and a spacious desk that provides plenty of room for a computer or other work equipment.

If you have a shared kid’s bedroom, this loft bed with a desk is the right option for you. It offers plenty of storage options under the mattress platform, and it comes with a ladder or staircase so your kids can climb up or down without difficulty. The slat system makes this loft bed safe for children, and you can choose from twin or full size sizing options.

If you have a smaller apartment or condo, this loft bed with a desk is a great solution for you. It is a non-traditional bunk design that has two symmetrical storage units on the sides instead of the traditional bunk design. This loft bed can be used as a storage solution or desk for one person, and it’s Greenguard Gold certified to guarantee safety.

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