How to Create a Well-Designed Student Study Table

Study tables are used by students to get a comfortable studying environment. A we;;-designed student study table helps in proper posture and motivates students to study effectively.

It is recommended to choose a wooden student study table for students. It is also advisable to follow Vastu guidelines for the study table. These include the material, shape and surrounding of the study table.

student study table
student study table

Create a Calming Environment

If you want your child to be productive at their study table, then it is important to create a calm environment for them. This may require them to find a space that is free of distractions, such as a separate room or a solid wood study table. It is also important to make sure that their studying environment is consistent so that they do not have to continually adjust their focus and energy levels.

It is also recommended to choose a soothing color for the student study table, such as blue or green, which can have a positive impact on a child’s concentration and energy level. It is best to avoid darker shades, as they are said to attract negative energies and can cause a lack of focus for your child.

Having motivational posters and images on the wall behind the student study table is also a great way to reduce distractions and encourage students to focus on their studies. However, it is advisable not to hang mirrors on these walls as they are said to cause stress and distract students. It is also a good idea to keep the north and east walls light and not use too many books on these walls, according to Vastu.

In addition, it is recommended to leave a few inches of space between the study table and the wall, as per Vastu, to allow for airflow and to help maintain cleanliness and clarity at the student study table. It is also a good idea to have a bright lamp on the study table, as it is believed to keep positivity at the student study table. Moreover, the brightness of the lamp can help to stimulate the brain and boost creativity.

Keep Motivational Posters and Images on the Wall Behind the Study Table

Study tables have several compartments and drawers that can help organize a student’s study materials and promote discipline by encouraging them to keep their books and other belongings neat. It’s important to choose a sturdy study table that is also well-designed ergonomically. This means a desk that allows you to sit up straight, not slouch, position your screen at eye level so you can type without straining your wrists or neck, and use a keyboard with neutral hand placement.

In addition, the room should be decorated with colors that inspire productivity and a student’s ability to learn. The walls should be painted in soothing pastels and not too bright. For example, an east-facing room should be painted in yellow or off-white, while a north-facing study room should be painted in violet or pastel green.

Keeping motivational posters and images on the wall behind your study table is a great way to encourage students and students-athletes to stay focused on their work. These posters can include inspirational quotes, pictures of people or places that motivate them to do well in school and in their lives, a picture of the college they dream of attending or a picture of their future career goals. It’s also important to decorate their study space in a way that makes it feel like their own and identifies it as theirs, even if they share the space with someone else.

The direction that a student studies in is also vitally important and according to Vastu, the best direction for a study table is north or east. This is because these directions will boost a student’s concentration power and increase their memory.

Keep the East and North Walls Light

Many eastern ideologies, including Vastu and Feng Shui, believe that the environment around a study table is vital to its success. They offer suggestions for where a student should sit and the direction of the desk in order to increase their chances of success.

When a student sits at the study table, they should face either the north or east. It is also important to keep the area behind the study table light, as it helps enhance a child’s concentration. A bright lamp is a great option for this purpose. It is also important to avoid putting any pictures on the wall in front of the study table, as this could cause a distraction. A poster with motivational words is a good idea instead.

Students should always make sure their study tables are clean. Clutter attracts negative energy and can hinder a child’s ability to concentrate. Moreover, it is important to clear the study table before and after each study session. Additionally, a dark-coloured study table should be avoided because it does not exude positivity.

It is recommended that a study room should be painted with pale colours such as ivory and off-white. It is also a good idea to hang curtains and other soft furnishings in a matching colour. Additionally, a north-facing window should be kept open when studying so that the space feels natural and inviting.

According to Vastu, a study room should be located away from bathroom areas, as this can have a negative impact on the student’s ability to study. It is also a good idea to avoid placing the study table in the West of Southwest zone, East of South East zone and North of Northwest zones.

Avoid Mirrors

There should not be any mirrors at the study table. Mirrors can cause stress and anxiety in students because they reflect their tension, workload, and anxiety. They also amplify any high beam light in the room and put strain on a child’s head. This can lead to mental health problems in the long run. In addition, it is a good idea to avoid having a study room directly beneath the staircase or the washroom. This will attract negative energy and prevent your child from studying well.

If possible, you should get a study table made of wood. Wood is a natural element, and it is believed to bring success in studies. It is a good idea to keep a gap between the study table and the wall, to allow for air flow. Also, try to keep the study table clutter free. It is important to have a calm and quiet environment when you are studying, so avoid keeping a television or other electronic gadgets at the study table.

The study table should be placed in the east or north direction. According to Vastu, these directions are best for students and promote concentration. It is also a good idea to display positive images and posters in the room, as these can help your child concentrate better. However, you should not hang any photographs of old people, as these can create depression in your child.

The west of southwest direction is ideal for students who are interested in political science. It is also good for students who are pursuing accounting courses. Students who are interested in yoga, athletics, and physical education should face south when studying. The southeast zone is also good for those who are pursuing law and politics related studies.

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