How to Choose a High Back Office Desk Chair

A high back office desk chair is designed to support your head, shoulders and upper back. This type of chair helps prevent slouching, which can lead to neck pain.

To find the right office chair, sit against a wall and mark your shoulder height with a pencil. The ideal backrest height is slightly below that measurement.


high back office desk chair
high back office desk chair

An ergonomic office chair is designed to fit your natural human anatomy to reduce physical stressors from sitting for long periods of time. Ergonomic designs work with your body rather than against it and include adjustments to help correct posture, eliminate slouching, support your spine, reduce head-forward posture and more. They also make it easier to reach your desk and keyboard and promote healthy movement, reducing fatigue from extended sitting.

Sitting all day at work can cause a variety of health issues, including back pain, herniated discs and numbness. It can also be challenging to maintain good posture and focus if you’re not comfortable in your chair. Choosing the right type of chair can alleviate these problems and improve your performance at work.

High back office chairs are designed to provide extra support for your neck and head while you sit. They often have an adjustable headrest that can tilt up and down or pivot around to cradle your head in the best position for your neck. Some models even swivel to allow you to reach different parts of your office and workspace.

The lumbar support in a high back office chair is another important feature to consider. It helps support the natural curve of your spine to keep your vertebrae aligned. It is also essential to choose a chair with adjustable lumbar support so that you can adjust the angle of the cushion to suit your back.

Other ergonomic features to look for in a high back office chair are the seat height and armrests. You want to make sure that the height of the seat is high enough to be comfortable for you when sitting in an upright position and that it’s easy to stow away when you’re not using it. The armrests should be adjustable as well so that you can move them up, down, forward and back to find a comfortable position.

A high back office chair is a great option for tall people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and need extra support for their necks, heads and upper backs. They can also be more expensive than mid-back or low-back chairs, but they’re worth it for the extra comfort and posture benefits that they offer.

Height Adjustment

Having a chair that allows you to adjust the height of the seat is important for your overall comfort. You want to be able to sit in the chair and have your eyes in line with your computer screen or desk, without having to lean forward. If you’re sitting in a chair that is too low, it puts strain on your legs and back, while if it’s too high you can put pressure on the vertebrae of your lower spine. If you’re buying a high back office chair, look for one that has the option to raise or lower the seat height by turning a lever or crank. This feature is usually located under or behind the seat and is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it.

A good height adjustment will also allow you to set the height of the back rest in relation to your shoulders. The ideal height is to have the back rest slightly below your shoulder joint, which is the highest point of your neck when you’re seated upright and straight. You want to avoid putting pressure on your shoulders and neck so you don’t end up with aches or pains at the end of the day.

Another feature to look for in a good high back office chair is the ability to move the arms up and down or side to side. This is helpful if you’re on the taller side and need to raise your arm or elbows above your desk surface. If you don’t have a chair with adjustable armrests, you can add a footrest to your workstation to keep your feet supported while you sit.

If you don’t have a height-adjustable office chair, you can add casters or glides to the bottom of the chair’s legs to raise it. This will give you a few extra inches of height while keeping the chair stable and comfortable. You can buy a chair extension kit that has everything you need to do this. You can also make your own height extension by attaching wood planks to the base of your chair, but this requires some DIY skills and tools.

Seat Depth Adjustment

When shopping for a high back office chair, look for one that has seat depth adjustment. It will allow you to choose the best seat depth for your body. Too shallow a seat can cause back problems and too deep a seat can create discomfort and pressure on your legs. A good way to test the seat depth is to mark on the wall where your shoulders are when standing up and use a tape measure or ruler to check the distance from that spot to the front edge of the chair’s seat. The ideal seat depth is slightly below that measurement.

Many high back office chairs include a head support that is either built into the main backrest or attached to it. The main purpose of a headrest is to prevent neck strain by allowing you to sit with your back upright and straight. If you suffer from neck pain or have a large office space, consider choosing a high back chair with a headrest.

Unlike mid-back office chairs, high back chairs typically have a taller backrest and a headrest that are designed to support the entire spine. As a result, they can offer more ergonomic benefits for taller people. High back office chairs tend to cost more than mid-back options because they are designed with additional features and components.

High back office chairs are often used in conference rooms and executive offices. They can add an upscale feel and project a sense of authority and power. They are also very comfortable, especially if you find the right model for your needs. Some models feature adjustable lumbar support, armrests and recline function. Others feature a pivoting headrest and 360 degree swivel. Some are upholstered in real leather while others are upholstered in faux leather. High back office chairs are available in a variety of colors and materials, making it easy to find the perfect one for your home or business. Choose from top brands like Flash Furniture, DreamSeats LLC and Office Star Products.


Armrests in a high back office chair can offer important support for the shoulders and neck, as well as helping you to sit up straighter. Many people are prone to slouching or slumping in their chairs, which can lead to poor posture and eventually back pain. The right armrests can help prevent this, encouraging you to sit in a healthy position for long periods of time. Look for armrests that can be adjusted for height and width to accommodate a variety of body types. They should also be comfortable and supportive to avoid causing pressure points or aches.

Some high back office desk chairs come with padded leather armrests, which can be more comfortable than those made from synthetic materials such as mesh. The quality of the leather used can also make a difference; better grades are more durable and will resist wear and tear over time. Look for armrests that can also be adjusted for length, so that you can set them to the perfect position for your arms. If your chair is upholstered with leather, be sure to read the care instructions carefully to find out how to clean and care for it properly.

A good way to test if the armrests in your new chair are the right height is to sit on the edge of the seat with your back against a wall. Place a pencil on the wall at the back of your head and use it as a guide for how high to set the rest of the armrests. For optimal ergonomics, the armrests should be positioned so that they fit comfortably under your shoulders and curve with your spine to prevent back pain and encourage a good posture.

Some high back office chairs have flip-up armrests that can be flipped up when not in use. These can be a great option in shared offices where some people prefer to sit with their armrests down and others don’t. You can also choose a chair with armrests that automatically raise and lower, which is ideal for those who don’t want to have to fiddle with the controls to adjust them.

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